Oildfiield Support Services

Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Heavy Industry

Our goal in supporting our customers in the oil and gas, mining, construction and other heavy industry is to provide the highest quality professional services.

Our mission is to work in partnership with our customers to define their needs, and meet those needs in a cost-efficient and safe manner.

Our vision is complete when our customers let us know that we have done a good job for them.

RA Global Services is a U.S. company with both domestic and international operations and capabilities.

The company provides a wide variety of stand-alone or bundled services to the oil and gas, mining, construction and heavy industry.

Our Reputation

Our reputation depends on our team of experienced personnel, our technical expertise, our superior equipment and services, our concern for safety and the environment, and, most importantly, our demonstrated success in meeting our customer’s needs wherever the job may be.

From its founding in 1992, RA Global Services has pursued growth opportunities throughout the world and established permanent operations in the United States, Canada, West and Central Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia. The company has consistently worked to establish strong positions in markets with the growth potential to utilize its experience and expertise in providing services in remote, challenging conditions.

The company has expanded its operations, operating areas and scope of services to better help our customers meet the changing challenges of their business.

RA Global Services today is a company poised to deliver support and solutions.

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